The Mountain Region

The Mountain Region

The Mountain Region

The landscape of Oman is characterized by two mountain ranges: the Hajar Mountains and the Dhofar Mountains. Both regions are optimal to be used as a launch point for a variety of day trips that will leave lasting impressions on visitors. The mountain ranges are of great archaeological and historical importance.

Barren and rocky: the Hajar mountains

The Hajar Mountains are characterized by their distinctive rock formations. There are many areas here that offer scientists from all over the world the opportunity to study the exposed unfolding rock layers – almost completely unobstructed. The multi-colored vista is a fantastic place for magnificent picturesque photo opportunities. With the exception of the lush green wadis that are full of palm trees and other plants, this part of the mountainous region is quite sparse in terms of vegetation.

Oases as Popular Tourist Attractions

For those who want to relax in the Omani mountains, a visit to one of the numerous oases is an absolute must. These lush oases provide the visitor with a particularly sharp contrast to the rugged and rocky environment. Citrus fruits and dates grow in the wadis (oases) and the closer you get to the coast, the more and more the flora starts to feature different types of roses. In fact, the mountain village of Misfah relies economically on the rose breeding and is therefore always worth a visit. Outside the oases and the small villages, relatively few people live in the mountainous region of Oman.

The Historic Dhofar Mountains Region

If you want to know what Oman is most well-known for in terms of economics, you should add a trip to the Dhofar Mountains to your holiday list. The mountains stretch along the coast and are characterized by limestone as well as a variety of springs and numerous frankincense trees. The famous trees grow optimally here due to the climate. The people living in the region primarily rely on animal husbandry. During the season between July and September, one can experience the famous weather phenomenon of the monsoon. The huge amounts of rain cause the south side of the mountains to turn into a “green wonderland”.

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