Luca Krohn

Luca Krohn is a dynamic and experienced travel expert who has been part of the Take Memories team since 2019. With a background in Hispanic Studies and Economics and vivid experiences in various countries, including a year in Barcelona, Luca brings a unique perspective to the world of tailor-made travel. Her areas of specialization include fascinating destinations such as Oman, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Thailand, with a focus on family and high-end trips.
Luca Krohn
My heart beats for creating unforgettable journeys that reflect the personal taste of each client and make their travel experience something truly special.

Experience & Background

Luca Krohn's passion for travel was shaped by her diverse experiences, beginning with her studies in Hispanic Studies and Economics, which took her to Barcelona, among other places. Since joining Take Memories in January 2019, Luca initially engaged in marketing before moving more into sales after the Corona crisis. Her areas of expertise include Oman, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic, with a focus on family and high-end trips.

Luca's travel experiences in over 20 countries have significantly expanded her skills in customized client care. Particularly formative were her experiences in the Musandam region of Oman, where she encountered extraordinary hospitality and stunning nature. Her trips to Sri Lanka revealed to her the beauty and diversity of the country, despite its dark past.

These rich experiences, combined with her deep understanding of individual client desires, make Luca a valuable expert for tailor-made travel experiences at Take Memories. Her personal travel experiences, especially in Oman, strongly influence her work and give her a unique perspective in designing individual travels.

Personal Life

Luca Krohn lives out her enthusiasm for travel and cultures not only professionally but also in her private life. Her passion is reflected in her dedication to designing trips that not only showcase a country's sights but also provide deep insights into local traditions and ways of life.