Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

Do I have internet and mobile phone reception in Oman?

The Omani network is very well developed. With the exception of some mountain wadis and desert areas, you will have coverage everywhere and also internet works well. However, the costs of European providers can be immense. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a SIM card from “Omantel” or “Ooredoo” when you arrive at the airport if you plan to use it intensively or expect incoming and outgoing calls. The SIM cards can be easily charged with credit at all petrol stations and most shops.

Woman in Oman - What do I have to consider?

Oman is a very moderate Arab country. Women are rarely dressed in full veils, usually, you see them with Omani dresses and a very fashionable style of dress.In all public offices, the women work in the same way as men, in universities, there is even a clear surplus of women. Quotas have even been introduced for a guaranteed share of university places for men.Even as a woman traveler and visitor to Oman, one is equally respected and welcome. There are standardized rules for everyone, and no distinction is made between the sexes.

What is there to consider with regard to clothing?

You can dress normally anywhere in Oman, just as you would at home. This also applies to women, so summery tops, dresses, and skirts are allowed in your luggage. Only at the traditional markets and in smaller villages, you should dress more conservatively and make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered. In the oases, we recommend that female travellers wear a T-shirt over their swimwear.

Is alcohol permitted in Oman?

You cannot buy alcohol in supermarkets or shops, but most hotels have an alcohol license and alcoholic beverages can be ordered as usual. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to serve alcohol in the desert, but you are welcome to bring your own (we recommend the duty-free shop at the airport on arrival), and we will happily chill and serve anything you bring to camp with you.

What is there to consider with regard to religion?

Oman is a very liberal and moderate country. The Omanis are neither Shiites nor Sunnis but have their own very modern interpretation of Islam. For this reason, religiously influenced conflicts with other countries are far from the Sultanate. People have lived in peace for centuries and are happy to welcome visitors to the country, to whom they can proudly present their homeland and the beauty of Oman.

Can I drive myself in Oman?

Oman is a fantastic self-drive destination. The roads are extremely well maintained and comparatively straightforward. You will be provided with a four-wheel-drive jeep incl. a GPS with an individually tailored daily program. Having lived in Oman ourselves for a long time, we explored all the routes and can help you with regard to highlights, viewpoints, and further insider tips from our own experience as well as give you competent advice.

How do I get my visa for Oman?

You can either obtain your visa online in advance or at the visa counter upon arrival at Muscat Airport. We are happy to organize the VIP Arrival Service for you, where our colleagues at the airport first take care of your visa and then accompany you through the Fast Track Lane through the airport, to where your driver will be waiting for you to take you to the hotel. A visa for 10 days currently costs about 12 EUR, a visa for 30 days about 45 EUR.

When is the best time to travel to Oman?

The weather is stable between September and the end of April, with few to no rainy days and temperatures around 30 degrees. The water is constantly around 25 degrees. September is the first month after the hot summer season, April is the transition month into the summer. Furthermore, a trip to Oman in the summer months is not recommended however possible. In this case, we suggest focusing on the somewhat cooler mountain landscapes which are up to 3.000m high.

What makes canvas club an Oman expert?

Almost the whole team lived in Oman for several years and worked for incoming agencies and hotels. In total, we have over 10 years of on-site experience and are one of the first tour operators to sell tailor-made tours in this segment. Based in Muscat, we run our own agency with Omani tour guides, a modern fleet of vehicles, and personal contacts for all your needs. In the Wahiba Desert, we have our own luxurious desert camp 'Canvas Club Glamping', which we set up privately for our clients 35 km within the desert. All season long, our Canvas Club team is on-site in the desert to look after our guests. We provide all services from one partner and you have a 24/7 local contact person for any issues or questions while your travel.

What does "Canvas Club" stands for?

Canvas Club is a brand for the Sultanate of Oman and part of our tour operator Take Memories Travel Design (takememories.com) for tailor-made trips around the world. After years of experience in Oman, we started working locally with the Sultanate as a travel destination and it is still our specialty and a matter that lies close to our hearts. Therefore we run our own luxurious desert camp, “Canvas Club Glamping”, in the desert of Oman which we set up for our clients on private tours amidst the dunes.

Why book with the Oman specialist

On site

Own Canvas Club team with office in Muscat and Salalah. We know all tour guides for many years, all services on site come from us - from one source!


Every travel consultant has already lived in Oman for several years. We know all the hotels and highlights of the country personally! And are several times a year on the spot.

Hotel product

Own luxury desert camp 'Canvas Club' in the Wahiba Sands desert with exclusive benefits for our clients


Attractive prices and exclusive benefits through long-standing, trusting partnerships with local hoteliers and service providers.


Contactable 7 days a week via all common communication channels - 24h emergency number on site.


Each trip is individually worked out and 100% tailored to your needs!