Muscat Capital Region

Muscat Capital Region

Muscat Capital Region

Muscat and surroundings

Muscat is the capital of Oman and therefore always worth a visit. Where tourism is booming today, regular trade used to be conducted with other countries, including the Roman Empire, centuries ago. Anyone studying the history of Oman will recognize quickly, why for instance not only Arabic, but also Portuguese influences prevail here today. Above all, it is the mix of historic buildings, castles, modern shopping facilities and narrow streets that makes the region so unique.

Ruwi and Matrah – Modernity meets tradition

Ruwi and Matrah are two of Muscat’s most famous suburbs. While in Ruwi, the economy has taken over, the time in Matrah seems to have stopped a bit. Here, especially lovers of culture and nature get their money’s worth. For example,, no one should pass up the opportunity to visit to the mango groves in Matrah, which are more than 200 years old.

Incidentally, if you like Matrah, you should definitely visit the ancient village of Misfat al-Abrin a little further out. It lies on a rock and its roots reach back to the Middle Ages. What is also special is that many of the old canals are still in operation today.

Sightseeing in Muscat – these are the hot spots

Also, with regard to classical sights, Muscat has much to offer. What is particularly popular in this context is Mirani and Jalali, two forts, and the park Karum. Here, between lakes and fountains, you can spend many relaxing (and culturally interesting) hours. Despite all the rest, tourists should always visit the big incense burner here..

An insight into the religious life

Despite the modern lifestyle, which has undoubtedly made its entrance in Muscat, the city is also characterized by a distinctive religious appearance. In this regard, the numerous mosques are particularly noteworthy, especially the Qaboos Grand Mosque, in which more than 20,000 people can pray and which was built largely of sandstone. A special highlight awaits here inside the building: a 20-tonne rug, handcrafted.

The port of Muscat

If you visit the port of Muscat, you will experience what Oman is well-known for: extreme versatility. In the harbor district, not only worth the market is worth a visit – you should also consider a walk to the sea. Muscat offers everything that makes a perfect seaside resort. Especially the beaches of Qurum and Yiti are popular destinations for families. If you do not feel like swimming, you can simply enjoy a long walk on the (seemingly endless) beach. Since the individual highlights are so close to each other, a varied daily program is usually easily achieved here.

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