Nils Lindhorst

Nils Lindhorst, a versatile travel expert with an impressive career, started his journey in the financial services industry before discovering his true passion in tourism. With a Bachelor's degree in International Tourism Management and over 16 years of experience in the field, including six years in Colombia, Nils is a passionate advocate for personalized travel experiences.
Nils Lindhorst
Travel opens new horizons and allows for unforgettable experiences. My goal is to make each trip a personal experience that remains memorable for a long time.

Experience & Background

Nils Lindhorst, who began his career in the financial services industry, found his true calling in tourism and dedicated himself to studying International Tourism Management. His professional journey in tourism, which took him to Colombia for six years among other places, is marked by a deep passion for other countries, cultures, and languages. Active in travel consulting since 2012, he has specialized in the Middle East, Morocco, and Latin America.

His travel experiences are diverse and include, among others, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Maldives, and Uganda. Special experiences that shaped him were staying in a desert camp in the Wahiba Sands in Oman, gorilla tracking in Uganda, and discovering the ancient city of Petra. His extended stay in Colombia, where he also met his wife, had a lasting impact on him.

Nils' expertise and his varied travel experiences enable him to create customized and profound travel experiences that focus on the individual desires and interests of his clients.

Personal Life

Nils' passion for cultures and his comprehensive understanding of the significance of authentic encounters are reflected in his work. He places great importance on ensuring that travel experiences not only explore places but also connect with people and cultures.