Fjords & Dhow
Luca Krohn
Written by: Luca Krohn Last updated at: January 31, 2023

Fjords & Dhow

One of the most renowned pictures from Musandam is of the fjord-like bays, found here in many places along the cliffs. These fantastic rock walls that reach down to the sea bring to mind images of Norway for travelers. It is no wonder then that Musandam has earned the nickname “the Norway of the Middle East” because here, one can get to know these unique beautiful sites in many different ways.

Two ways to experience the fjords of the region up close

If you visit Khasab, you will find that the capital of Musandam has a lot of interesting things to offer – but not for long stretches. Instead, it is far more exciting if you use your Khasab accommodations to enjoy the picturesque natural scenery through exploring the Musandam coastal areas. In fact, there are a whole series of jeep and bus tours to the bays and fjords along the coast available. On these tours, you gain a deep insight into the beauty of the country and realize that Oman’s natural beauty has much to offer.
Another way to explore the coastal area is a classic traditional mode of transit, used by locals for several centuries. Going on a journey into one of the fjords with a Dhow ship is something that someone traveling from Khasab should definitely do. Unlike other types of ships, the Dhow is not a fixed style of ship. More than 50 kinds of ships have the name Dhow, though these ships have only a few structural similarities in common. Dhows are sailing ships of various sizes, which have several distinctive features. For example, Dhows have trapezoidal sails and are one-, two- or three-masted ships. This type of ship probably originated from ancient India and gradually became popular in the Arab world. It is now a popular means of transportation and offers captivating and enjoyable journeys for tourists. Sailing from a fjord towards Khasab on a Dhow in the sunset is a dream that will make the hearts of romantics and nature lovers beat faster.

Cruise among the fjords of Musandam

Cruise lines like the Costa have long since discovered and appreciated Khasab as a haven for their Orient cruises. If you decide to go on an Oriental cruise with a stay in Khasab, you will sail among some fjords on your way to the island and be able to admire the beauty of this coastal region from the viewpoint of the ship.

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