Mountains and Geology

Mountains and Geology

Mountains and Geology

Oman, unique among other Arab countries, takes pride in an impressive and exciting variety of mountains and mountain ranges. Indeed, these regions are one reason why Oman is becoming more and more alluring to tourists because spending one’s holidays here means more than lying around on the beach relaxing for 14 days. Here, one can discover distinctive formations, natural wonders and much more. The mountains and rocky landscapes of Oman are definitely among these natural wonders.

The Jebel Shams – the highest mountain on the Arabian Peninsula

The Jebel Shams (at 3009 meters above sea level), nestled in the Hadjar Mountain range, is the highest mountain on the Arabian Peninsula. It frames the Omani coastal region like a crescent. The Jebel Shams has a variety of beautiful slopes and smaller peaks, which offer a stunning view. The mountain is completely accessible to tourists with paths and markers designed so that even inexperienced mountaineers can reach the summit on a mountain tour. It is nevertheless advisable to bring a local guide. Another exciting mountain peak is the Jebel Akhdar, the Green Mountain, which is famous for its vast plateau just below the summit. Jebel Akhdar’s climate is comparable to the climate in the Mediterranean. In the winter months, it can sometimes snow on the plains of the mountain. Additionally, the pomegranates that grow here are considered to be the best in the world.

The Special Fascination of Rocks and Geology in Oman

In some parts of the world, you can truly find miracles, and Oman is one of those places. In the Hadjar Mountains, the Molo rock strata, almost exclusively found 35 to 70 kilometers below the continents, are visible here. In addition, there are also several other fascinating varieties of rock and sedimentary layers in Oman that cannot be observed on the earth’s surface in other parts of the world. It comes as no surprise that Oman is also known as a Wonder of Geology.

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