Matthias Henke

Matthias Henke, an enthusiastic travel expert, combines his passion for traveling with his professional career. His enthusiasm for different cultures and countries has been shaped by numerous personal travel experiences. After training as a commercial assistant in air traffic and studying business administration, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession and plan unforgettable travel experiences.
Matthias Henke
Traveling is the best education. It's about creating unforgettable moments that one will remember even in twenty years.

Experience & Background

Matthias Henke, active in travel consulting since January 2023, is an experienced connoisseur of Oman and the UAE, as well as the west coast of the USA. His passion for travel started at a young age and led him to numerous adventures around the globe. Matthias' travels include diverse destinations such as the USA, Sao Paulo, almost all of Europe, Morocco, Israel, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

His experiences in Oman are particularly noteworthy. Matthias was deeply impressed by the authentic Arab world and the successful combination of tradition, cleanliness, and luxury in Oman. He highlights the diversity of the country, from the imposing mountains of Jabal Akhdar to the endless expanses of the desert and the dreamlike beaches. These insights make him an expert in individually tailored travels to this region.

Furthermore, his experiences in Marrakesh, where he experienced the fascination of traditional ways of life, and in the UAE, where he admired the peaceful coexistence of diverse cultures, have shaped him. These experiences have profoundly influenced his perspective on travel and the importance of cultural exchange.

Personal Life

Matthias' personal travel experiences, especially his encounters with different cultures, have significantly influenced his view of the world and his approach to individual travel planning. He recommends travelers enjoy the warmth of the people and the breathtaking landscapes of Oman.