Anissa Kirch

Anissa Kirch is a renowned expert in the field of tailor-made travel and a passionate member of the travel industry with a special focus on Oman. With her profound knowledge and experience in the tourism industry, combined with her dedication to environmental and animal protection, she embodies a unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion. At Canvas Club Oman, she brings her extensive knowledge of Oman to create customized and unforgettable travel experiences. Her work is characterized by a mix of deep market understanding, creative travel planning, and a strong commitment to sustainable tourism.
Anissa Kirch
Every trip to Oman is a journey to a land full of wonders and pristine beauty. My goal is to offer travelers not just a trip, but an unforgettable experience that enriches their view of the world and brings them closer to the unique magic of Oman.


Anissa Kirch is a recognized expert in the field of tailor-made travel, especially for Oman. Her insights and contributions have been highlighted in significant publications, including:

Experience & Background

Anissa Kirch has been working in travel consulting since 2009, specializing in tailor-made travel to Oman. After her training as a travel agent, she worked as a tour guide in Salalah and subsequently founded her own excursion company. Anissa has extensive experience in planning and executing trips and was responsible for all aspects of her agency, from organization, marketing, and finance to personal customer care.

She holds a tour guide license from the Ministry of Tourism and enthusiastically guided guests through the Dhofar region for eight years. Anissa is also committed to environmental protection and has organized several cleanup events. Her work is characterized by a deep connection to the land and its people.

Since October 2022, Anissa Kirch has been working full-time at Canvas Club Oman / TakeMemories. There, she brings her expertise in product management, sustainability, and MICE. Her on-site experiences and deep understanding of local processes are a valuable contribution to the agency's success.

Personal Life

Anissa Kirch lives her passion for Oman not only professionally but also privately. Her travels to the Rub al Khali desert and the time in Salalah have deeply shaped her and changed her perspective on life and the environment sustainably. She has developed a special connection to the Dhofar region, reflected in her work and dedication. Despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced her to choose Germany as a new place to live, her love for Oman and its culture remains unchangedly strong. Anissa is actively involved in animal protection and is currently founding an animal welfare association for street dogs and cats in the Sultanate. These personal interests and her commitment to environmental protection are also reflected in her professional work, where she advocates for sustainable and respectful tourism.